Our history dates back to 2006, when two partners formed venture called Voltmar General Electric. During the first years, the company acted as a subcontractor for another company in the industry, gaining more and more qualifications and experience. Increased employment and activity rate was affected by the construction boom of the years 2009 – 2011. At that time, the company executed about 300 systems for residential construction projects, mainly in the Wielkopolska region. Our continuous development and expansion of knowledge into modern technologies in the field of low-voltage systems (alarms, monitoring, fire protection) led to the establishment of a new branch of the company – Voltmar Security, and dedicating a separate team to handle individual Clients. The company has executed numerous security systems in private and institutional buildings. In recent years, we have been working on installation projects for a large construction corporation.

As a result of company growth, as well as our diverse outlook on business development and the construction market, in 2013, we started another venture – Kosmala Electric. Although it is a new player in the electrical energy market, the company is deeply rooted in the industry, possessing rich and extensive experience and knowledge of the processes taking place in this market. Managers and employees of Kosmala Electric are experts and professionals with years of experience.