Our brand is based on three pillars: knowledge, experience and people.

Knowledge is the key to our success, innovations, continuous development and always being one step ahead of the competition. Our certificates are the proof of the importance of knowledge and development in our market, as well as the continuous training of our employees to expand their skills and competencies.

Our experiences have shaped us. We are a team that managed to build another large company in the electrical sector from scratch. The manner and form of our activity stems on the one hand from our previous experience, on the other from our keen observation of a changing world and the construction industry itself. Our ambition is to create a company characterized by dynamism and flexibility of operation, modernity as well as a competent and committed team.

Our team consists of professionals and experts who inspire confidence of Clients using their knowledge, experience and commitment. Their motto is loyalty, expertise and high quality. Focusing on continuous development and improving employee competence ensures good working conditions and creates friendly atmosphere, which makes us a desirable employer in the region.